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Welcome to the Crystal Department.

Crystals are directly imported so our prices are definetely keen and there are some of the finest available.
We aim to bring you the best selection of quality crystals as possible

Here you will find a wide range of...



  • Clear Crystal Balls

    The magical power of divination with a Crystal Ball is so credited, the magine of a gypsy gazing into the ball and foretelling you about the future is a remarkable aspect of this item. 

    Crystal Balls come in a beatifuly presentation box and are supplied with a stand.

    Warning! Crystal balls, if left in direct sunlight, may cause fire hazard.
    Please take care when displaying your crystal ball, especially near a window.

  • Coloured Crystal Balls

    Nothing is more credited than a gypsy gazing into a Crystal ball foretelling your future, so why do not try with your own Crystal Ball 

    These Coloured Crystal Balls come in a presentation box and are supplied with a stand.

    Warning! Crystal balls, if left in direct sunlight, may cause a fire hazard.
    Please take care when displaying your crystal ball, especially near a window.

  • Crystal Figures

    Beautifully crafted crystal figures, perfect as gift for any occasion.

    Give a rainbow throwing object as they refract light.

  • Crystal Nightlight Holders

    Crystal Diamond Night Light Holders are very elegant  and throw brilliant rainbows as they refract light. 

    Star Crystal Night Light Holders arrive in satin lined Gift Boxes for a truly memorable gift.

    Size is approximately 75 mm high and 75 mm wide.

  • Crystal Apples

    Beautiful Crystal Apples in satin lined Gift Boxes creating a truly memorable gift.

    Size is approximately 75 mm high and 80 mm wide

  • Crystal Hanging Birds

    Crystal Hanging birds are attractive eye catching and a perfect gift for any occasions..

    Each Crystal Bird has many facets which scatter light around very effectively, amazingly coloured wings, beaks and tails which create a truly jewelled and decadent crystal

  • Crystal Flowers & Lotus

    Crystal Lotus Flowers & Lotus are made with top crystal quality come in different colours, so they are a collectable product.

  • Diamond Shape Crystals

    Real diamonds but made with Crytal, they look really stunning and would be perfect as ornamental gift to a loved one.

    Sold in padded gift boxes. 

  • Crystal Strands with Gemstones

    Top Optical Quality Lead Crystals for acctractive eye catching. They are believed to be formed from frozen breath of Aeternitas. They have been discovered near the end of Roman Empire and believed to have supernatural powers, bringing much happiness, health and prosperity to its owner.

  • Faceted Crystal Spheres

    Classic shaped Crystal Spheres, with many facets and scatter light around effcetively.
    Hangable them on chain or invsible wire. 

  • Golfing Crystals

    Crystal faceted golfs balls are beautifully packed in a presentation box with a magnetic lid and satin insides.

    Available in 3 shapes and sizes:

    30x30x45mm Octagon
    50mm Ball
    110mm Ball 

  • Hanging Crystals with Designer Clusters

    Hanging Star Crystals with Clusters are high quality crystals completed with small clusters of 10-15 to add extra touch of magic. 

    Supplied in an attractive box with an invisible wire of 28-30 cm lenght.

  • Hanging Crystals Spheres with Gemstone Tail

    Top grade lead crystal (optical quality) for extra sparkle crystal spheres hung on gemstone encrusted tails. Some refer to these as Crystal Comets. Attractive eye catching and a perfect gift. Come nicely gift boxed.

    Top optical quality Crystals Spheres with extra sparkling gemstone wncrusted tails. They appear like Crystal Comets and are attractive eye catching. Come in nice gifts boxes

  • Led Crystal Display Stands

    Top quality LED Display Stands are perfect to bring out the beauty of laser crystals, simply placing one of them on top of the stand, and the led light will hightlight the details inside.

    Please Note: Batteries not included.

  • Small Hanging Crystals with Clusters

    Hanging Crystals that look stunning and eye catching when scattering the light. Excellent gift idea 

  • Star Crystal Hearts

    More than 60 designs to choose from, which ones of these Star Crystals Hearts are you going to buy. 

    Come already gift boxed

  • Star Crystal Laser Blocks

    Star Crystal Laser Blocks.

    High quality optical crystal blocks featuring 3D laser engraved images of various scenes.
    Perfect as a gift as do not devalue with age and keeps splendour forever.

    If you place them on one of our LED display stands, you will create an amazing matching combination for everyone.

    Size: 50mm x 50mm x 80mm  

  • Star Crystal Message Blocks

    Spread your message around with a Star Crystal Message Block. Each comes in its own presentation box 

  • Star Crystal Roses

    Sparkling Star Crystals Roses come in different colours making these a collectable and enchanting item.

    They are also beautifully gift boxed, so they will be cherished forever.

    Perfect gifts for any occasion.

  • Zodiac Star Crystal Blocks

    Zodiac Crystal Laser Blocks are the best clarity and quality you ever seen. Small dots in the laser etching for high quality image details. Place them on top of a crystal LED display stands to match an incredible gift idea.

    Zodical Crystal Laser Blocks comes beautifully packed in a presentation box and are sized 50mm x 50mm x 75mm


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