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Welcome to the Collectables department.

Here you will an extensive range of Giftware and Collectables, like Feng Shui, British Clocks, Garden Ornaments, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Wise Word Plaques, Buddha Statues and more.

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  • Mystical Bookmark

    These bookmarks are made from metal and include five beautiful designs such as Butterflies, Angels,, Dragons and more..

    A great gift idea for any book lover on any occasions.

    Thin and light bookmarks will help the reader to keep their pages in order in great style.

  • Alice Follie's Collection

    Follow Alice down the rabbit hole and discover these ceramic creatures.

    Taking inspiration Alice in Wonderland, these new beautiful garden gift ideas are traditionally cracked ceramic style, beautifully coloured to lime - jade, teal and moss. Suitable for indoors and outdoors enviornments.

  • Bamboo Baskets

    Apple, Pineapple, Snail, Teapot or Horse shaped, these spiral cut fruit basket and trivet are Made of bamboo.

    Let Fruit taking centre of stage when displayed in these eco-friendly, naturally renewable and highly attractive woven bamboo baskets, available in a variety of shapes.

  • Buddhas - Carved Wooden Albesia Buddhas

    Wooden Carved Buddha are unique and original great feature for any home.

    Made from farmed and sustainable Albesia wood, each Buddha is individually carved and has it's own character.

    Being hand carved, altough similar between them, each Buddha is unique and different from all the others.

  • Chinese Lucky Waving Cats

    These Chinese Lucky Waving Cats invites wealth, money, property, business opportunities and friends.

    They run on batteries (not included)

    Please note that these cats do not come with a battery cover, the battery compartment is meant to be open.

  • Chocolate Fondu Sets

    Ceramic little fondue sets,are the perfect thing to whip out and enjoy after dinner.

    Dip marshmallows, strawberries or other fruit into a bowl of gorgeously warm sticky chocolate almost anywhere just bringing one of these sets with you.

    Each Set includes: Burner and 1 or 2 fondue forks

  • Clocks - British Clocks Designs

    It's time to show off your favourite British art with these beautiful wall clocks.

    Each picture clock is powered by one AA battery, can be hang to the wall, and comes individually packed in a shrink wrapped card tray

  • Clocks - Picture Clocks

    Beautiful arty clocks with battery powered mechanism, and a cut-out, to let they be wall mounted.

    Each picture clock comes packed in a shrink wrapped card tray

  • Curious Compasses

    This reproduction of antique compasses are unique with lot on engraved details. Fully functional and beautifully made from Indian brass, they are not designed for navigational purposes.

    The excellent gift for anyone loves the sea.

  • Egyptian Figures

    Wonderfully detailed Egyptian Figures are inspired by Ancient Egypt and its Gods. 

    Several to choose from Tutankhamun, Mummy, Cat,  Beetle and even Bast Cat Oil Burner or Goddess Incense Holder. , why not collect them all.

    Diffent sizes available

  • Feng Shui

    If you are looking for some Feng Shui items such as compasses , tassels and figures , you have come to the right place!


  • Funky Felt Fings

    Put a smile on your face with a pair of lovely designed felt brooches including wise owls, cupcakes, cute frogs and dogs, hand stitched and decorated with beads, ribbons or buttons. 

    Each brooch measures approximately 2" and has a pin stitched onto the back. to hang them on bags, jackets, jeans or any clothes to cheer up every day.

  • Garden Ornaments

    Garden Lights & Alerts certainly add fun to any garden.

    Made from resin and suitable for indoors or outdoors use as they are beautifully painted to look as natural as possible and weatherproof, they are provided with an ON/OFF switch.

    Animal Solar Garden Lights will charge throughout the day and automatically turn on at night.
    Garden Alerts with motion sensor will create hooting, quacking or tweeting sound. 

  • Gothic Pictures 3D

    These 3D Gothic pictures are amazing and so scary.

    They seem alive... So watch your back...

    Creepy gift for those like gothic and dark and love to be scared.
    Made with thick high quality plastic board.

  • Hati Hati Angels

    Hati-Hati angels are hand carved from sustainable hard Suar wood used to create beautiful and often sacred images. 

    Hati-Hati Angels make cultural beautiful and caring gifts and come in hand-made batik decor cotton bags, .

    Every angel has been hand by hand, sun dried, polished and painted by artisans.

    Hat-hati means take care in Indonesian so they would bring love and caring to all who hold them.

  • Heavy Metal Band Figures

    These Heavy Metal Band Figures are made from recycled metal parts such as bolts, screws, nuts and washers.

    An amazing way to turn in a piece of art those materials that would be thrown away.

    Great for decorating any office or home. 

    Please note this product may be an hazard for childen because some sharp points and edges. 

  • Jute Aprons

    Full length Aprons are made from jute and show some great retro prints with two large pockets features.

    These are becoming very popular and serious fashion in the kitchens, bars or gardens. 

  • Kinetic Oil and Water Art

    Kinetic Oil & Water Art pieces are wonderfully eye catching and quite hypnotic.

    Enjoy turning them over and watching the colourful oils slip up and down creating a great display.

  • Recycled Leather Money Boxes

    These Beautiful handcafted Money Boxes are made in India from embossed and printed and hand painted recycled leather 

    Featuring a slit on top and press stud fast opening on one side. They make a thoughtful gift, especially when filled with a few coins

  • Music Boxes

    These traditional Christmas and Birthday music boxes are retro decorated with snow covered willage, swan and owls.
    You will enjoy a selection of tuneful Christmas favourites with these pleasent sounding music boxes

    Made in wooden with a rotating heart shaped headed and shiny printed laminated design.

  • Natures Angels

    Natures Angel have been crafted from resin then finished with high quality clear Wax polish for a lovely natural ivory sheen.

    Stunning resin collectables.

  • Owl Money Boxes

    These decorative ceramic Owl Money Boxes are a lovely home decoration.

    Money is accessible from the bottom box where there is a stopper easy to pull out.

  • Pirate Treasure Boxes

    Made as replica antique boxes and even aged to look old, with a nice chunky brass catch and some metal or old leather effect panels, these  Pirate Treasure Chests are filled with various treasures that kids will love. 

    Help Jolly Roger and his parrot look for hidden treasures on the island, within 
    the treasure map provided.

    A great gift idea for children aged 6+

  • Primitive Art - Men Doing Things

    Hand carved beautiful range of Indonesian Art of Men Doing Things made from Albesia wood will look stunning in any room.

    Truly a conversation piece and perfect for any art lover.

    These piece of art are made from Asmat people in rainforests off the coast of Papau, Indonesia. to describe their traditions, life style and culture.

  • Purse Wallet Pouch Set in leather

    These Leather Purse Wallet Pouch set are handmand by Indian artisans.

    Wallet have a note compartment and a poppering coin section.

    Purse have a zipped inner coin section, a note compartment and one extra space for cards.

    The puch has one only poppering section to hold coins or other small valuables

  • Salt & Pepper Pots

    These salt & pepper shakers come in various colours and designs including a vampire couple, perfect for Halloween season. 

    These adorable Salt and Peppers Shakers are made from high quality ceramic and come together in a warm embrace to brighten up your dinner table.

  • Singing Bowl Velvet Cushions

    These are Singing bowls Cushions, a type of bell wthich rather than hanging inverted or attached to a handle, sit with the bottom surface resting. When struck they then vibrates producing the sound

  • Singing Bowl Wooden Sticks

    These wooden sticks are for use with Tibetan Singing Bowls.

    Singing Bowls are a type of bell wthich rather than hanging inverted or attached to a handle, sit with the bottom surface resting. When struck they then vibrates producing the sound

  • Solar Butterflies & Birds

    These butterflies & hummingbirds make a wonderful  eye-catching solar powered garden feature or even in a sunny location indoor with their realistic fluttering movements.

    Working with sunlight using little solar panels or with 1 AAA battery (not included).

    No mains wiring, simply install and enjoy.
    Please note: colours may vary.

  • Tibetan Artefacts

    Collection of Tibetan artefacts such as bells and flags.

    In Buddhist practice, bells are used as a support for trance induction, meditation, prayer or such as magical tools for transformation of self and of matter...

  • Tibetan Singing Bowls

    Singing Bowls are a type of bell wthich rather than hanging inverted or attached to a handle, sit with the bottom surface resting. When struck they then vibrates producing the sound

    These are made of brass and are used as a support for meditation, trance induction and prayer.

  • Windchimes with Gemstones

    Hung a Wind Chime by a window or in a garden to catch the breeze and it eill bring you gentle music made by the wind. 

    These Wind Chimes have a gemstone at their centre to create sound and are a popular feng shui cure for negative energies

  • Wise Words Plaques

    These wise words plaques are one centimetre thick, made from resin and designed with colorful birds, flowers and butterflies  

  • 3D Wooden Puzzles

    This selection of wooden 3D puzzles of famous buildings, animals, aircrafts, cars etc,  are built by slotting individual pieces of plywood together following simple instructions. 

    The puzzle can be disassembled and reconstructed for repeated use.

    You can mount and dismount the puzzle many times or use a little bit of glue and colours to make your art work solid and standing out 

  • Bunny Money Boxes

    Very cute ceramic bunny money boxes 

    Sold in set of three bunnies "See no evil, Hear no evil, Speak no evil", available in Teal or Oatmeal colours.

    A Glossy painted ceramic decorative delightful gift for all ages and will be a lovely home decoration too.

    The money is accessible through a stopper on the bottom of the money box that is easy to pull out.


    H:  15 cm; W: 10 cm; D: 8 cm; Weight: 340 g/each

  • Coconut Dragon Mobiles

    Crafty dragon mobiles are handmade in Indonesia from coconut and available in three colours.

    Great unique and natural sculpture made with wind chime with will create lovely display.

    Hang this beautiful flying dragon indoor or outdoor such in your garden and watch it fly around.  

    Small ones have approximately wingspan of 40 cm and length of  37 cm and hang 40 cm down off their hook.
    Large ones have approximately wingspan 60 cm and length 50 cm and hang 40 cm down off their hook.

  • Wild Wild Bamboo Wind Chimes

    Crafty bamboo wind chimes are handmade in Indonesia from coconut and available in four different styles.

    Great and unique natural sculpture wind chime with wild animals will create lovely display.

    Hang this beautiful flying creatures indoor or outdoor, and watch it fly around in your garden

    Wind chimes are 1 meter long and size of the animal is approximately  20x 10 cm.

  • Day to Remember Wooden Calendars

    Take a look at these beautiful wooden calendars pen holders made of Albesia wood in Indonesia, painted and made entirely by hand by skilful Balinese craftsmen. 

    In shapes of  owls, elephants and hearts, each calendar consists of two dice with numbers, three blocks with names of the month and stand with two compartments for accessories and pens. 

    The front is painted with black board paint allowing to make small notes with chalk too (not included).

  • Vintage Animal Metal Hooks

    Absolutely perfect hooks to use for coats, towels, bags, keys and much more.

    These beautiful vintage animal hooks can be also used as a decorative element grouped with similar items in a bedroom or bathroom or hallway.

    Each piece is hand refinished by hand and is carefully primed and painted in India. 

  • Seasonal Bottle Openers - Metal

    Metal Bottle Openers are beautiful designed to bring lots of love to your guests and family. 

    Antique seasonal bottle opener is a crafted from metal covered by diamonds, flowers and animals. 
    This ornately designed opener would make a charming gift for any bartender, party planner or be a great as a wedding favour.

  • Mosaic Mouth Mirror

    Mosaic Mouth Mirrors are handcrafted using very fine chipboard, paintings and glass pieces. 

    Very shiny and spectacular colours., these Mirrors will look great in any home or would make an ideal gift for any occasion. 

    This collection offers 3 different sizes and 2 colours Pink and Red.

  • Bone China Double Mugs Gift Set

    Everybody loves coffee and  tea.
    Make your drinks more enjoyable with these mugs and cups.
    Available in different shapes and designs from
     UK and China, these are perfect gifts!
    Extraordinary quality in a display box. (unless  indicated)

    Not recommended for use in the microwave or dishwasher.

  • Spectacular Binoculars, Telescopes & Opera Glasses

    This absolutely stunning range of Antique Brass Binoculars, Telescopes and Opera Glasses gives a vintage nautical feel.

    Fully functional antique binoculars with leathers strap making them easy to take with you or hang on the wall to provide a decorative nautical seaside atmosphere...each of them is unique with lot of engraved details made in India.

    They make excellent gifts for anyone who has an interest in maritime history or simply loves the sea.


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