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Home Fragrance Department is a huge source for a massive range of fragrance oils, pumice stones, simmering granules, aroma oils, potpourri, perfume for rooms and so on.

Much of this range is made in Sheffield, UK


  • Anti-Tabac Pumice

    Anti-Tabac Pumice is especially designed for those who smoke or who don't like that horrible ashtray smell

    Drop a some pumice stones into your ashtray to fade away that horrible smell of cigarette ash.

  • Aroma Mist Room Sprays

    Aroma Mist sprays are expertly blended to enhance your living space.

    Interesting esoteric aromas that match and complement the Simmering Granules range,  come packed in 100ml bottles.

  • Coloured Soapstone Fragrance Range

    The Coloured Soapstone Fragrance Range is handcrafted in the merchant city of Agra.

    Unique pieces made from natural stone, You can complement these items with the  fragrance oils, simmering granules, reed diffusers, aromatic tree resin or incense cones

  • Fragrance Oils

    High Quality 10ml Fragrance Oils are made from the best fragrance available and last much longer than others.

  • Fragrant Pumice Stones

    Highly fragrant and coloured pumice stones are unique!   
    To activate the aroma you just shake them up 

    Sleep Stones are impregnated with pure Lavender essential oil. Place in your bedroom and before resting give them a quick shake.

    The aroma will spread for few hour helping you sleep.

    Patchouli and Jasmine scented Dream Stones work in the same way.

    Each bag contains approximately 100g of Fragrant Pumice.

  • Hand Painted Marble Fragrance Holders

    Marble hand painted soapstone holders are the ideal iconic and contemporary decorative piece for any room of your home.

    Use them with one of our fragrant Essential Oils, Pumice Stones or Simmering Granules to beautifully spread the aromas around

  • Home Comfort Simmering Granules

    Simmering granules are ideal for use in Oil Burners, scenting letters, dealing tobacco smells from ashtrays and fragrancing or decorating plates.

    Fine fragrances specifically designed for your home, made with selected premium perfumes 

    Mixing and match scents wiil llet you create an interesting and unique environment for visitors.

    Sold in 200g packs.

  • Ironing Oil

    Highly original Ironing oils will make your ironing never be the same again !

    Suitable for direcly use into the water tank of an iron, these oils are higher water soluble and do not stain clothes.

    *Fragrances your ironing with a delicate scent

    *Packed in 250ml bottles

  • Luxury Reed Diffuser Sets

    These beautiful high quality reed diffuser sets have been carefully selected to bring you evocative fragrances and innovative designs.

    The perfect gift that will compliment any home. No smoke, dripping wax or anxiety of burning candles to make highly scented your home.

    The oils are absorbed up through the slender reeds and release their aroma naturally.

  • Oil Burners

    These simple oil lamps are a great gift idea for those who likes burning fragrance oils or simmering granules and keep their home refreshing.

  • Perfume for Rooms

    Each fragrance is designed for a specific place within your home,

    Mix and match your preferred scents to create an interesting environment for your visitors.

    Packed in 50ml glass bottles.

  • Simmering Granules

    Simmering Granules are for oil burners use but they don't need oil or water;  just put some granules in the burner and replace them when they're gone.

    Place some granules in ashtrays to chase away the cigarette smell   

    You will definetely appreciate these fine scents and make your home especially fragrant.

  • Natural Wax Melts

    Made from a natural blend of Soy and Palm waxes, Natural Wax Melts contain no Paraffin Wax so your room will smell of finest fragrances to make your home smell wonderful.

    Just add one or two melts to an oil burner. Please reuse this pouch after use and carefully follow the instruction below. 

    Come in box of  6 Wax melts ready to use.


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