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Welcome to our Jewellery Department

You can find here several designs encompassing fashion,gemstone and costume jewellery.

Most of these products are sourced in India and China, others are UK Made

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  • Angels & Demons Jewellery

    This collection of stunning glitzy Jewellery will make you really sparkle on a night out. 

    Six fabolous Angel ranges and other six Demon ranges at this affordable price, it's impossilbe to resist. 

  • Angel Bells

    These silver bells, made on Ubud mountain, in the heart Bali, are lovingly created and blessed with grace and love.

    The gentle sound of the little bell brings in the wearer mind the possible presence of angels.

    It is hoped that the bell may also draw attention from heavenly beings.

    Each silver angel has its own name,knowing this name you can give the bell meaning and purpose.
    Giving a silver angel bell, is a truly gift from the heart.

    Made from Bali 925 silver, with silver detail and clasps either on the neck cord.
    Bells are balanced brass or ceramic and resin.

  • Angel Bells - Colours

    Beautiful Angel Bells also available with Wings are handmade in Indonesia and blessed with grace and love.

    Wearing them you will hear the gentle sound of the little bell.

    This range have two different designs:
    Angel Colour Bells and Angel Wings & Bells 

    Each design range has eight different colours.

    Artisan made from Bali 925 silver and resin, silver details and clasps in the neckcord too.

    Angel Wings & Bells cages can be opened

  • Animal Spirits Calling Pendants

    These silver bells, made on the Ubud mountain, in the heart of Bali, are lovingly created and blessed with grace and love.

    Each pendant come with a different animal attached to the bell, which makes it a very interesting and nice piece of jewellery.

    Artisan made from Bali 925 silver.

    Neck cords have silver details and clasps too. Bells are balanced brass.

  • Calling Angels Pendants

    This new range of beautiful angel pendants are made from white metal and brings a small bell inside.

    It makes an amazing sound when shaked, minding the wearer the possible presence of angels

    Each pendant comes with header card.

  • Chains & Cords

    925 Silver Chains and Suede Cords are available in our stock directly from the manufacturers.

    Essential items for designers of bespoke jewellery, to be matched with silver pendants to create your own original and valued jewellery.

  • Dressing Table & Mirrors

    Dressing Table Hand Mirrors lovely designed with pretty ornate scrolling and beautiful carvings.
    Covered by gorgeous flowers, diamonds, animals which make them a fabulous piece of jewellery. 

    With a folding handle,  these have a really stunning and shabby chic look.

  • Earth Bangles made in Resin

    These bangles are designed to bring a stylish natural look.

    Carved wood effect, made from high quality natural solid resin.

    Would make an amazing gift for those one that likes alternative, natural, statement or unusual jewellery

  • Fake Horn Pendants

    This range of pendants looks really cool.

    Expecially because altough they seem made by horn, they are really made of solid resin instead

  • Feather Earrings

    These Feather Earrings are considered a new fashion trend spreading across Europe amongst the hip and trendy. 

    Seen already in Ibiza's clubs and Parisian dives, get the feather fashion now. Wear one or two or mix the fancy colours. 

  • Gemstone Cluster Earrings

    Beautiful gemstone cluster earrings are made with real top quality natural stones auch as Amhethyst, Carnelian, Crystal, Adventurime, Lapis etc

    Each cluster contains 15 – 20 gemstone chips, which will make you highly fashionable and smart for any occasioms.

  • Gemstone Dugger Pendants

    Beautiful dagger Pendants are hand carved from pieces of gemstone and polished to shine.

    50 mm dagger pendant with silver colour bail are available from different gemstones.

  • Good Fortune Gem & Coin Bracelets

    Feng Shui coins are known to increase income.

    By wearing these Feng Shui Gemstone and Coin Bracelets. you can can attract personal wealth and bring prosperity to the household. 

    They are also known to fight off negative energy that can be source of disease, physical harm and bad luck.

  • Good Fortune Gem & Coin Necklace

    Good Fortune Gemstone and Coin Necklaces come in beautiful box each with small description of the jewellery at the back.

    The Feng Shui coin has a square in the middle with four different Chinese symbols aroun, representing the energy of the earth while the round shape of the coin represents the energy of the heaven.

    They are also known to fight off negative energy that can be source of disease, physical harm and bad luck.

    By wearing these Feng Shui coins Necklaces you will attract personal wealth and bring prosperity and wealth to the household.

  • Hand Painted Shell Pendant & Earrings Sets

    Beautifully enamel hand painted shells creating a fresh and spontaneous feel.

    With Multi coloured & multi tread cords, these funky fashion accessories are perfectl to be wear during summer, at beach, at a party or everyday.  

    Find the right colour to compliment any outfits.

  • Jewellery Stickers

    Professional and super stylish decorations for your mobile phones, Laptops, Books and Notebooks

    Get a beautiful decoration cutting and attaching the jewellery stickers on your belongings

  • Metal Jewellery Caskets

    Wonderfully collectable Metal Jewellery Caskets made of alloy with a fantastic amount of details and finished to a high standard.

    Come in nine different shapes and sizes, with a black velvet lined interior.

    The perfect gift for storing small jewellery pieces or little mementos.

  • Midnight Obsidian Lace Jewellery

    Midnight Lace Obsidians come from an extremely rare form of the Obsidian. 

    This unique healing stone results from the solidification of fluid, from more than thousands degrees hot lava.

    Tthe elementary force of the Earth’s interior and the hot lava streams are conserved in the Midnight Lace Obsidian.

    Hardly any other stone unifies such perfected beauty and extraordinary healing qualities.

  • Monkey Wood Jewellery

    This beautiful Wooden Jewellery is perfect for wearing on all occasions and also lightweight.

    Available in four different colours: Ebony, Emerald, Tan and Ruby

  • Ornate Bracelet Watches

    Beautifully designed Retro Ornate Bracelet Watchesare covered by diamonds, flowers or animals which make them a fabulous piece of jewellery.

    An amazing gift for any occasions.

  • Ornate Snake Bracelets

    Beautifully designed Ornate Snake Bracelets.

    Silver and Gold snakes are covered by lovely diamonds and have Jet Black eyes, makingt hese such a fabulous piece of costume jewellery

  • Perilous Pearls

    Fabulous Perilous Pearls jewellery, are the perfect and a bit old fashion gift for those one likimg this kind of style. 

  • Retro Bling Pendants

    This beautiful and interesting range of Retro Bling Pendants stand with their little diamonds and flowers.

    Retro jewellery is becoming very trendy and these crafted pendants and chain are finished in bronze antique gold.|
    Funky coloured, look truly fantastic by themselves or matched with other vintage ones. 

    Every piece is supplied on lovely header card.

  • Retro Steampunk Jewellery

    Retro Steampunk jewellery is Beautiful and interesting with secret compartments, messages, clocks and images.

    Steampunk jewellery crafted pendants and chain are finished in a bronze antique gold colour that make all looking truly fantastic either on their own or matched with other vintage jewellery

  • Retro Steampunk Watch Pendants

    Steampunk jewellery is becoming very trendy and these beautifully crafted pendants, finished in a bronze and antique gold colour, look truly fantastic either on theirselves or matched with other vintage jewellery

  • Rock & Roll Gemstone Necklaces

    This range of Gemstone Rock & Roll Necklacesare beautiful and interesting.

    We have these stunning and delicate gemstone necklaces in a variety of stone colours.
    Every piece is made in India and supplied on lovely header card.

  • Shamballa Bracelets

    This latest fashion jewellery trend was inspired by an ancient Buddhist tradition.

    'Shamballa' is The Pure Land and now it is brought to you with the creation of this beautiful jewellery.

    With an adjustable pull closure design whicht fits most sizes.

    These jewellery is made with nylon string, UV plated crystals & hematite beads, crystal disco alloy beads.

  • Silver Coral Earrings

    925 Silver Coral Earrings hand made in Bali. from resin and has been used for centuries by various cultures as jewellery and as a protective talisman.

    Their smooth texture of colour gives them a shiny and bright look expecially on an elegant evening dress

    You will love these reasures of the sea. 

  • Silk Jewellery

    Silk Jewellery is a mix of silk scarves with chains and clusters to make a fashion jewellery and a striking new look. 

  • Silver Plated Agate Pendants

    Silver Plated Agate Pendants are natural made in volcanic rocks at extreme temperatures.

    Agates has been always highly valued as a talismans or amulets, and considered the oldest good luck and healing stones.
    Striped or banded agates restore bodily energy and ease stressful situations.

    These precious agate slices are individually selected for their brilliant, layered colours and crystalline “druzy” insides. The edges of each agate slice are then silver plated giving them distinctive character and individual charm.

  • Summer of Love Jewellery

    This colourful and interesting range of Summer of Love Jewellery comes in three summer themed colours: Lime, Orange and Sunset.

    This jewellery range is handmade in Indonesia with wooden and resin beads 

  • Tibetan Earrings

    Great looking Tibetan earrings which are a little bit different 

    This full range of Tibetan style jewellery comes in several styles and colours. 

  • Shell Fashion Jewellery

    Exotic Shell Necklaces and Bracelets are gorgeous.

    Colourful and arty pieces handmade in Bali with
     small stone beads and shell pendants come in various colours for every taste.

    Size of the necklace is 45 cm and pendants are approximately 4 cm

  • Wave Shell Jewellery

    A fresh new take on shell jewellery.

    Each pendant is carved from a single authentic shell, the careful delicate beaded and detailing strings make each necklace as unique as a shell found on the beach

  • 925 Jewellery

    New range of 925 silver jewellery: choose from Bracelets, Anklets and Earrings, made with 925 silver pieces and some with natural stone or murano glass.

  • Bali Good Luck Feng Shui Bracelets

    Good Luck Feng Shui Bracelets are made from wood beads and coins of Fortune. 

    The Chinese coin will send positive fluid called reasoning, attracting luck, happiness and success.

    These bracelets are considered as talismans of good luck. They have a square in the middle, tight together with coloured rope and wooden beads. 


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