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You will find here a wide range of woodware products including a selection of tree root baskets, folding baskets, antique style wine boxes,  wooden collectable britihsh birds, artistic thermometers and much more.


  • Angel Boxes

    Finely crafted angel boxes is an exquisite way to cherish your memories and keepsakes in a lovely little angel case.

    Made of wood and covered in shiny effect picture of Angels, these boxes will keep your precious memories alive through the years.

  • Bamboo Fruit Baskets

    Let fruit taking the main stage when displayed in these eco-friendly and attractive woven bamboo fruit baskets, naturally renewable and available in a variety of shapes.

  • Bamboo Mountain Wind Chimes

    Bamboo Wind Chimes look lovely decor pieces that perfectly suit both indoor and outdoor environments.

    Handcrafted in Indonesia using sustainable bamboo with wonderful natural tones, they are produced to give you total tranquility and being simply amazing as addition to any homes or gardens.

  • Carved Golden Buddhas

    Carved Golden Buddhas are made from a totally sustainable and farmed wood called Albesia.

    individually carved with a standing own character each Buddha wood carving is unique and different from others as the handmade process cannot produce two identical ones.

  • Carved Wooden Birds

    Wooden Carved Birds are captured in flight position and mounted on a wooden plinth.

    Elegant, full of details but still classic and very tactile, they are made from farmed and therefore fully sustainable Albesia wood.

    These items have been created by artisans of the island of Bali, who are famous for wood carving tradition and make each Wooden Bird a definitely standing up character.

  • Coconut Dragon Mobiles

    Crafty dragon mobiles are handmade in Indonesia from coconut wood, with an approx wingspan and length of 30cm  x 30cm hanging 40 cm down off their hook.

    Great natural and unique sculpture wind chimes can be hung flying indoor or out,  preferably in a garden where can be watched fly around.

  • Great British Birds

    Delightfully and elegant wood carved Great British Birds are made in Indonesia from sustainable wood and each sculpture has a highly individual and lovely authentic character.

    Each bird is unique handcrafted and unique. They are suitable for indoors or outdoors use, beautifully weatherproof painted to look as natural as possible.

  • Java Medicine Man Keepsake Boxes

    Take a look at this hand crafted and beautiful Java Medicine Man Keepsake Boxes

    Perfect as a gift and great as a piece of decoration for storing all those precious bits and pieces, mementoes of happy times, medicines to remembre or just your home and car keys.


  • Keepsake Boxes

    Have a look to this fantastic choice of beautiful keepsake boxes to store those special memories.

    You will be able to store all your precious bits and pieces, mementoes of happy times and places in only one Keepsake Boxe, providing you the perfect way to keep all your mementoes together in a safe place. looking great too.

    These wooden keepsake boxes make a lovely gift for almost every occasion

  • Nostalgic Suitcases

    This set Nostalgic Suitcases are made from two or three pieces perfect for storing all your odds and ends.

    Great displaying in bedrooms, living room and even for gift packaging. Store into your books, magazines, pillows, and more.

    Lightweight suitcase boxes expertly crafted from wood, and covered with artists quality canvas featuring colourful art deco images

  • Retro Antique Colonial Style Boxes

    Retro Antique Colonial Style handcrafted wooden boxes come with an unique old fashion feeling as replica of antique boxes and even aged to look old. 

    With nice chunky brass catch and metal or old leather effect panels, these boxes have a distinct colonial charm without looking perfect. Designs, sizes and finishes may vary as they are made from plywood and various decorative trims.

  • Retro Wood & Brass Money Boxes

    Beautifully decorated money boxes are made in India from sustainable sheesham wood., and finished with brass inlay and coin slot on top. 

    Barrel Money Boxes do not have any lock mechanism, you would have to use a screwdriver to get your saving back

    All the other money boxes in the range can be opened with the supplied pair of keys

  • Sheesham Wood Puzzle Boxes

    Sheesham boxes are made like a wooden puzzle,  you have to work out in which order to pull the various pieces apart.

    Nice to play with and lovely to look at, with a small compartment in the centre makes it ideal to hide that special little gift.

  • Teak Root Baskets

    Teak root bowls are fantastic hand carved using the natural shape of teak root to make unique and abstract items.

    These pieces are a unique beautiful work of natural art and can either stand alone eye catching display, or be used as a functional display for fruits, food or anything else like incense or potpourri.

    Please Note: as these items are made from natural roots fo teak, sizes, colours and shapes may differ from those shown.


  • Tree Root Baskets

    Stunning hand made carved houseware baskets looking super stylish and rustic feeling which lots of people love.

    Each piece is unique and handmade from sustainable Fir Roots.

  • Wooden Picture Thermometers

    These indoor thermometers are made of wood, painted with white colour and printed with a lovely mystical pictures.

    With Fahrenheit F ° and Celsius C ° (centigrade) scales and a temperature range of -40 ° C to 50 ° C and - 40° F to 120 ° F these thermometers will stand inner and outer your home, with their wonderful eye catching.

  • Wooden Words Coat Hangers

    Superbly designed Wooden Words Coat Hangers have a shabby chic finish, and ideal for displaying in any home.

    Made from wood, they are the perfect attractive warming  gift for any occasions

  • Everyday Bamboo Baskets

    Vintage bamboo baskets that would look wonderful on a mid century dining table or the counter of a modern kitchen. Youwill love the warm tones and great shapes.

    Made with bamboo wood from China, these baskets are durable and strong.

    A practical and complementare accessory for most existing tableware.

    Also perfect for displaying any goods or creating beautiful gift baskets.  

  • Hand Carved Wooden Animal Door stops

    Keep the door open with these amazing wooden doorstops made from Suar wood.  
    These anima doorstops are perfect for animal loving friends you have. 

    Hand carved by Bali artisans, animal doorstops are all painstakingly carved from one piece of wood (except for the cat), making for nice detail and a better class of doorstop.

  • Bamboo Root Ducks

    These Bamboo Root Ducks from Indonesia have been hand carved by artisans in Bali and amazingly coloured and detailed.

    So cute, they make a lovely ornament looking great both indoors or outdoors. 

  • Bali Magic Boxes

    These boxes are made from Shesham wood and hide in the centre a small compartment for that special little gift.

    Lovely to look at and nice to play with. 
    Please note sizes are approximate due to irregular shapes.

  • Brass Topped Walking Sticks

    Brass topped walking sticks look good decorating a hallway stand. 

    Hand crafted in rosewood, these decorative walking sticks are made by Indian artisans.  

    A great collectable product range 

    Each sticks size are H: 95 cm; W: 10 cm; D: 3 cm; Weight: approx 375g 

  • Cottonwood Baskets

    These Cottonwood baskets are strong, practical and they have the classic good looks of woven good quality wood, and shiny finish.

    Made from cottonwood, these baskets are made using a sealed wood design making them strong and durable like most crockery.

    Not only they are practical but they will complement most existing tableware.

    Perfect for displaying any items or creating beautiful gift baskets.
    Also great for restaurants, guesthouses or bed and breakfasts.

  • Gift of Love Carvings

    Minimalist Gift of Love wooden figurines seem to melt into one another, they are wrapped in an intimate hug.
    Her long golden hair is the only covering throughout this nude figurine pair. 

    Carved with hardwood by Indonesian artists simply captured an intimate moment between a man and a woman like a hint of Yin Yang, the way the light and dark wood blends. 

    Wonderful gift for anyone in love, as a gift of friendship or just to show you care.Great addition to home or office decor.

  • Mahogany Soap Dishes - Classic Shell and Silver

    Nice modern designs, Mahogany Wooden Soap Dishes will keep your natural handmade soaps drained well between uses, making the soap stay dry and last longer. 

    Made in ndonesia and made from Mahogany wood, Shell, Dark and White Silver. 


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