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The Art Department includes all the arty crafts, pictures, stones and the mosaic range of gifts.

If you are going to treat someone with an arty gift, you will definetely find out the perfect one right here


  • Art Stone Statues

    Art Stone Statues have been made casting in a special mix of gypsum, cement and resin which makes a real stone effect keeping the weight lower than real stone.  They will weather survive to any weather conditions like real stone.

    Please note that due to their nature, it is possible these products to be marked or scratched durring transport. However these may be easily touched up

    Please also note that prices do not include delivery.  

    They need to be sent by pallet freight rather than courier.
    A quote for delivery will be released upon request.
    Shipping c
    osts for UK Mainland varies between £40 - £70 depending on the delivery area.

  • Artist Wall Decor

    Dress up any room with these beautiful Wall Decor Stickers

    Let yourself be creative with these adhesive wall graphich simply following the included instructions and get your design up in no time.

    Easy application and removal wthout damage expecially on smooth surfaces. Each sticker can be cut and re-arragend individually. You can use them on doors, walls, glass and mirrors.

  • Bedroom Art

    Made of paper and haindpainted on canvas, these Bedroom Art are provided with a wall mounting hole on the back and layered with acryllic paint giving them depth and texture, This technique makes these such uniques pieces of art

  • Buddha Art Paintings

    Beautiful Buddha oil paintings design on canvas.
    Perfect for any home or meditation space, you will definetely love them.

    Each painting is made with love and passion from artisans in Bali so eaach piece is unique and comes stretched on a wooden frame, ready to be hung. Directly imported from Indonesia.

    This high-quality arts are directly imported from indonesia and expertly produced to capture the colours and vivid exceptional details of the original.

  • Dreamcatcher Pictures & Artefacts

    The legend says that dreamcatchers were used by the Indians of Woodland with the purpose to catch all good and bad dreams.

    The good dreams would be held into the feathers and be able to return another night. Bad dreams instead would get caught from the webbing and held there until the morning light arrives to burn them off.

  • Flat-Pack Budget Wall Art Stickers

    This New Range of Beautiful Wall Decor Stickers let your creativity shine simple using adhesive wall graphics design, just follow the directions they are up in no time

    They Work with easy application and removal without damage to surfaces such as glass, mirrors and painted walls and doors.

    Stickers can be cut and individually arranged.

  • Floral Skulls Mirrors & Warning Signs

    Hand painted decorated Floral Skulls Mirrors and Warning Signs are made from artisans on the island of Bali.

    Why say it with words when you can have a spiky, scary, haired mirror or skull hung on your wall or door ?

    Great for Halloween and fancy dress parties, but pllease do not use for real Voodoo :)

    Height 30 cm Width 30 cm Depth 10 cm Weight 350g

  • Framed HD 3D Iconic Prints

    These 3D pics are simply amazing. You have to see one to appreciate in full how beautiful and unusual they are.

    Such magical effects wiht pictures from nature that almost leap from the page and would impress you coming alive

    Excellent black frames, 2 metal picture hooks and hardboard back that really enhances the 3D effect.

  • Hand Painted Relief Art

    New Relief Art display a collection of selected beautiful paintings made from highly talented artists.

    This high-quality artefacts areproduced by experts to capture the vivid color and exceptional detail of the original.

    White or Black painted frames with glass covering the 3D picture makes any room unique.

    Sizes: 44 x 44 cm  or   34 x 64 cm

  • Large HD 3D Prints

    These 3D pictures are amazing. You have to see in person to fully appreciate how unusual and beautiful they are.

    Pictures that almost come alive leaping from the page. 
    You will be impressed at such magical effect: 

    Pictures from the nature which move like they are alive. 

    These are non framed prints which gives you a cheaper option to our 
    Framed HD 3D Iconic Prints

  • 3D Art Prints

    You will appreciate how unusual and beautiful are these 3D pictures

    Amazing Pictures from nature that come alive and leap out  from the page. 
    As you move they move like they are alive. 

    These pictures are a  wonderful present for children or adults.

    Size is 24cm x 45cm made with thick high quality plastic board.

  • Small 3D Art Prints

    These small 3D pictures are just amazing.
    You will appreciate how just beautiful and unusual they are.

    Pics from nature that seem to come alive and leap from the page. 
    They move like they are alive as you move. 

    These are a wonderful present for children or adults.

    Your would impress adult and children with these magical effects.

    Size is 20cm x 30cm
    Made with thick high quality plastic board.

  • Mosaic Art

    Making these stunning mosaic bowls and plates, take an incredible amount of time and patience to Indonesian artisans from Bali.

    Made with plain terracotta, paints and cut glass pieces, the are really beautiful

    Please Note, these products are not suitable for dishwasher or microwave.

  • Mosaic Animal Mirrors

    These really beatufiy pieces are Handcrafted using very fine terracotta, glass pieces and paintings.

    Please Note: These products  may  slightly vary  in colour from pictures

  • Mosaic Beetle Cars

    Each handcrafted ites is made using glass pieces, very fine chipboard and paintings.

    These pieces are very shiny and look spectacular in colours.

    Each mirror has a wall mounting hook on the rear for easy mounting.

  • Mosaic Vespa

    You will love these amazing and colourful Mosaic Vespa

    Each colorfuly Mosaic Vespa is handcrafted using paintings, very fine chipboard and glass pieces.

    They Look very arty and you will definetely love how they look great in any home,

    They are the deal gift for any occasions.

    Two wall mounting hooks on the rear of mirror for easy mounting.

    Size: 48cm x 30cm 

  • Musical Mosaic Mirrors

    Each Mirror is handcrafted using very fine chipboard,glass pieces and paintings. 
    These beatifuly items are very shiny and have spectacular colours.

    Each Mirror will look great in any home and would make the perfect gift udea especially for any music lover in your family.

    They come with wall mounting hook on the rear for easy mounting.

    Size: 101 cm x 30 cm

  • Mosaic Words

    Amazing Mosaic Words are individually handcrafted using very fine chipboard, glass pieces and paintings. 

    They have spectacular colours and are very shiny.

    Each Mirror will look great in any home and would make the ideal gift for any occasion

    Different sizes and colours available

  • Painted Frame Art

    Painted frame art pictures are layered with added acryclic paint which give them a lot of depth and texture. The painting extends onto the barn wood frame, making these very unique pieces of artwork.

  • Pretty Skulls & Punk Wood Items

    Carved wooden Skulls & Punk items are chunky but lightweight .
    Decorated by artisans on the island of Bali, they are great for fancy dress parties or Halloween but not so good for real Voodoo :)

    Why say it with words when you can have a scary skull hanging on your door or wall?

    Each item has its own size. They also include hanging hooks on the back.

  • Real Art Paintings

    Made from Chinese oil painters, this 100% hand made oil paintings come in various subjects and styles. 

    Affordable real art reproductions, not so expensive but still so arty  

    Sizes: 30cm x 30cm  or  50cm x 60cm

  • Set of Three Art

    These packs are actually three pictures around a theme.

    Three pictures for an unique theme, packed togeher, perfect for decorating a room,

    Make your art statement on the wall.

    Size: 60cmx30cm; 60cmx60cm; 60cmx30cm

  • Sandstone Buddha Art

    These Meticulously carved  Sandstone Buddhas, made by Indonesian masterpiece sculptors, are large enough to be a beautiful centrepiece in any  room. 

    Hard to find, this art from Java will only grow more beautiful with time.

    Please Note: Do not use any liquid cleaning solution as it will ruin the stone.

  • Tall Art Paintings

    This selection of Tall Art Paintings express beauty of the nature, relaxing morning with a cup of coffee, love and so on...

    Every single painting is unique as it is handmade with great attention to details and signed by talented chinese artists

  • Urban Art

    Urban artwork range is perfect for designing any standing out type of fashion interiors.

    Different beautiful designs such as black and white,streat art, urban scenes and urban art with a bit of colours which come with wall mounting hole on the back. 


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