Dreamcatcher Pictures & Artefacts

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Dreamcatcher Pictures & Artefacts

The legend says that dreamcatchers were used by the Indians of Woodland with the purpose to catch all good and bad dreams.

The good dreams would be held into the feathers and be able to return another night. Bad dreams instead would get caught from the...



  • Dreamcatcher Artefacts

    The legend says that a dream catches was used by Woodland Indians and hung near the bedroom window to catch all the dreams. Good dream will be held by feathers to come back next night, bad dreams will be held by webbing to be burned from the first light of the morning. 

  • 3D Dreamcatcher Pictures

    These 3D and Holografic Pictures are too stunning to be captured from a photo, 
    The wolves are almost leaping out from the picture and appear in different positions depening your visual angle. 

    Each Picture is fitted into a wooden fram which is decorated with dreamcatchers and feathers.

    Size - Width 55cm x Height 45cm including frame but not tassles.

  • Round Wolf Dreamcatcher Pictures

    Get more than a traditional dreamcatcher with these beatiful pictures fitted in a roundfram with bead and feather decorations.

    These great decorative items are approximately 49cm in diameter including the frame, but not including the tassles.



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