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Save the earth buying Jute bags made from100% bio-degradable crop with lower production of CO2.

Jute production creates also much needed employment in poorer regions of the world.

Strong, trendy and reusable Jute Bags are made by Jute & Cotton...



  • Jute Laundry Baskets

    Colourful Laundry Baskets with handles are made from Jute and great to store anything really... from towels, laundry or for toys or simply as a recycling bins. 

    Brilliantly functional and perfect for adding a bit of texture and colours to any rooms in the house or a shop, these big jute baskets come from India.

    Laminated on the inside to contain damp items they make a perfect item for any household or shop.

  • Aboriginal Art Town Bags

    If you’re looking for a hip and trendy bag then these Aboriginal Art Town Bags cotton bags are for you.

    Trendy and hip Cotton Bags that let you be looking cool out in town for Shopping or Socialising or on the beach, the Aboriginal Art Town Bags are just the thing. 

    You will be looking stylish and helping the environment as these bags are made from durable and heavyweight cotton so you won't need to use plastic carriesr anymore.

  • Alpana Silk Bags for Tablet

    Blue, Red and Green alpana silk cotton bags and pouches are imported and designed from India. 

    These bags and pouches have vivid arty designs and vibrant strong colours. 

    Each bag has strong strings, cotton back and two back pockets with a zip. They are perfect as a tablets covers.

    Great beautiful collection to add some ethnic style to your life. 

    Pouches are covered with alpana silk design, have three pockets with coloured zips.
    Ideal as a jewellery gift bag or as a travelling companion

  • Big Jute Basket

    Big Jute Stripy baskets are designed for anyone: they can be used to store toys, magazines, towels or as a stunning eco laundry basket.

    Perfect for adding a bit of texture to any room in the house and brilliantly functionaly, these natural jute baskets come from India.

    The inside is laminated to contain damp items and makes it usable as a perfect house plant ready gift.

    UK Based
    * Sold in pack of 4
    * Folds flat to easy storaging

  • Big Jute Bins

    Big Bin Basketa are made from Jute and are great for storing towels, toys, laundry or as a recycling bins.

    Brilliantly functional thanks to handles, Big Bin Baskets are perfect to add a bit of texture to any rooms in the house or a shop.

    Inside laminated to contain damp items, flat foldable so they are easy to store. 

  • Canvas Bags

    Make a stylish entrance with a funky Big Jolly Canvas and Corduroy bag.

    This large canvas bag is made from natural sources and so is functional as well thanks to its size.

    This great bag is ideal for the autumn winter season but it can also be used as a dayily super shopping bag

  • Children Fun Bags

    These Children Fun Bags are cute enough and just the right size for little kids. 

    Long backpack or shoulder straps make it easy to wear and to carry for long day walking trips.

    Popular soft plush sheep and dog shape, it 
    makes the perfect gift with plenty of space for those important children's bits and bobs. 

  • Cotton Natural & Pure Bags

    These Stylish and simple shopping bags.are strong enough to be ideal for every day shopping.

    Provided with a zip opening

    Bags measure approx.

    H:360mm, W:420mm, D:120mm

  • Dobby Carpet Bags

    From the robust jute fabric that years ago was the base for carpet, this range of Jute Bags are tough and strong but so natural. Beautiful soft twine handles add a really hippy feel.

    Extra details include cotton lining, hippy fringe, wooden handles, zips and pockets. 

    Great for late summer, through the rest of the year as well

  • Evening Party HandBags

    Choose one of our classic and elegant evening party handbags, giving that gorgeous cutting edge look to any outfits worn for any special occasion and they are also great as a gift !

  • Fab Designer Backpacks

    These Cotton Backpack Bags are actually inspired by ancient East African Symbols. 

    Fortitude  - Adaptability  - Freedom 

    These ancient symbols make up the Backpack logos. 

    A single Velctro fully adjustable strap goes diagonally across the body, it has a securable mobile phone pocket .
    The main part of the bag has a double zip and a single pocket for smaller items.

    Height: 380mm, Width: 340mm, Depth:100mm

  • Freedom Canvas Sling Bags

    Freedom Bags are made with Canvas imported from India and show a stylish Sling.

    The FREEDOM RANGE PROMISE - Each item sold will help funding money for the workers who make that product in India.  

    For example 10p from the sale of a packet of Incenses will go directly to incense packers in Bangalore, making the difference to low paid manual workers offering them a real hope of freedom.. 

  • Jute Laptop Bags

    Cool and trendy laptop student bags which fit perfectly a 16 inches laptop (33 x 23cm) or smaller.  

    Lots of nice details such as mobile phone pocket, chunky press-studs, internal compartments, front zip pocket,  etc.

    The minimalist feel and elegant design make it perfect as a general work or artist bag, which carry also 
    the JuteNotPlastic tag

  • Jute Pocket Organisers

    Jute Pocket Organisera are ideal for hanging any item such as magazines, shoes, toys, tools, bathroom accessories, etc.

    This beautiful hanging jute pocket are soft and lightweight but durable, saving a lot of space in any rooms

    Hang these Organizers over kids door or the back of the bathroom door.

    They come nicely folded and packed, and are available in five different sizes and eleven lovely designs.

  • Jute Tantra Bags

    Tantra Bags are the English version of Bollywood design jute bags. Good fun, great value, pratical and promoting one out of four worthwhile message about jute.

    Also carry the JuteNotPlastic tag

  • Jute Trend Shopping Bags

    These Jute Trend Shopping Bags are designed forshopping lovers

    With jute handles and robust but such cool designs, they hold heavy  books,  your weekly shopping, beach stuff etc..

    Include the iconic “Keep Calm & Carry On” design and ffer helpful advise from Her Majesty's government. 

    This hand-woven natural jute bag comes from India and they are laminated on the inside.

    Size: 45 x 40 cm approximately

  • Jute and Cotton Door Stops

    These doorstops are made with high quality Cotton and Jute and can keep open any door fitting perfectly any rooms of your home.

    From “Welcome Home” to cute Owl shaped and mean “...don’t come back again” designs, these doorstops are sold flat packed with no filling inside. This allows you to make your own choice of what to put inside. 

  • Owl Bags

    These handmade Owl Bags are just the right size for little kids, or a mum with a baby on the go.
    Made from recycled materials, they come with a soft shape and cute owl designs.

    Owl shoulder bag makes the perfect, stylish, useful and natural friendly gift

  • Pussy Cat Hand Bags - recycled leather

    Colourful small leather handbags in the shape of a cats head and face. 

    This Pussy Cat Hand Bags are made of Indian recycled goat leather and has a “Real Leather made in India” label inside the bag. With the shape of a cat head with whiskers, these bags have zipp access and extra long strap, then they are finished in vibrant colours.

  • Recycle Handmade Fish Bags

    These handmade FishBags are the right size for little kids, or a mums on the go.
    Made from recycled materials, with a soft shape and cute fish design. these make  the perfect giftlike our best selling Owl Bags
    *Handwash only
    *Materials: Recycled Cotton/Jute Fabric 
    *Size: 20 X 30 CM  
    *Strap Length: 125CM 

  • Reinforced Cotton Baskets

    These Cotton Baskets are great for anything storaging from toys or spare loo rolls to magazines and towels.

    Perfect for adding a bit of texture to any rooms, this reinforced cotton baskets come from India.

    * Laminated on the inside to contain damp items.
    * With cotton handles.
    * Folds flat easy to store

  • Pandan Bags

    Pandan bags are made from Pandant Plant Leaves from Java, Indonesia, which are cut and dried then dyed with natural colours and woven by hands to create a beautiful design

    Youwill love them. Great to wear anytime of the year.

  • Shabby Chic Slighty Gothic Bags

    Beautifully designed shabby chic slightly gothic bags are featuring a single silk rose surrounded by ribbon bows decorates the centre front.   

    All front edges of the bag are finished in wide lace trim matching the colour of  the bag.

    Extra details including zips and extra pockets inside and at the back, and mobile phone compartment

    H:20 cm x W: 30 cm Handle: 25 cm

  • Shimmy Shinny Retro Bags

    Beautifully designed Shimmy Shinny Retro Bags  are featuring pearls and glittery beats matching colour of  the bag.

    The bag is fully lined and secured at the top with a concealed drawstring .  

    With extra details including zips and extra pockets inside and at the back.

    H:15cm x W: 30 cm Handle: 25 cm 

  • Simple Jute Bags

    Simple but Strong Jute Bags

    Designed to be simple and customisable.
    They have padded handles, colour trims and the JuteNotPlastic tags.

  • Tibetan Bags

    Tibetan Hand Bags are made from traditional Tibetan design fabric. 

    Beautiful small embroidered bags with zip., made with threads and acrylic fibbers and cotton, and fully lined inside.

    They have a long 60cm shoulder strap, and a
    vailable in a range of colours and designs.

  • Within the Lines Bag - recycled leather

    These handmade bags are made from Indian recycled goat leather and has a “Real Leather made in India” label.

    Colourful shiny polished leather stripes outside and fun satin stripes inside.

    This very trendy bag has a mobile phone compartment and a zip access with a further zipped pocket inside. 

  • BIG Jute Elephant Bags

    BIG Elephant Shopping Bags are designed for those who like shopping and carrying a lot of stuff

    Tough and robust but such cool designs hold heavy  books, your weekly shopping, beach stuff etc.

    Hand-woven natural jute bag comes from India and they are laminated on the inside with small zip pocket.
    Size of Bag: H:37 cm L: 40 cm approx

  • Hipster Duffle Bags

    Beautiful everyday wear Hipster Duffle bags made in India.
    Present in six different colour designs with vivid yellow cotton lining and piping.  

    With strong and natural strap,side zip and extra inside pocket compartment, great for storing keys , your phone or any small essential accessories making it easier to reach when needed. 

    This awesome jute bag has also brass antique buckle and rivet holes, it is great for anyone who loves to follow current  hipster trend.

  • Multi Patch Indian Bags

    Handmade Ethnic Multi Patch Indian Bags with rich colours and motives.
    With very wide Handles and very comfy to wear they add a really hippy feel.

    Well made with extra details including; cotton lining, zips and pockets.

    You will love them. Great to wear anytime of the year.

    Size of Bag: H:35cm L:35cm approx
    Size of Handle: W:8cm L:60cm approx

  • Jute & Alpana Silk Shopping Bags

    Pleasant  green, blue, red and pink alpana silk and jute shopping bags made in India. 

    Simple but beautiful jute bags with alpana silk on front, with strong handles which makes them great bags for carrying any heavy stuff.

    Perfect as a shopping or beach bag.

    This beautiful collection is great for anyone who loves to add some ethnic style to their lives.

  • Fun Phone Pouches

    New Fun Phone Pouches are the cutest thing ever. 

    These lovely pouches are designed to hold phone of any size or other small valuables, with 2 main compartments and one extra space for cards or small things.Popper fastening closing system and an extra long strap which measures: L: 125 cm

    They come in a variety of funny designs... kids will love them.  Made of PVC

  • Jolly Big Fashion Bags

    Big Fashion handbags with plenty of colours and fun are casual enough for everyday use and wears well, into any weather. Plenty of flowers and texture will bring lot of attention! You will love them.

    Various designs have extras zip side pocked inside or zip access.

  • Jute Advent Calendars

    Fabulous Jute Advent Calendars, with 24 numbered, individually coloured pockets in a variety of red, cream and green designs. 

    250 cm lenght, including rustic roping and loops at either end of the calendar to be hung it up on a wall. 

    Fill the pockets with treats to discover each day leading up to Christmas.
    The jute advent calendar can be re-used year after year. 

    Add some extra Xmas accessories to create that special personalised jute calendar.

  • Natural Yoga Mats

    Natural yoga mats are crafted from pure jute and are ideal for yoga practice or decorating your living space.

    esigned for Ashtanga or Power yoga where grip whilst sweating is required as the jute grip increases as it gets wetter, the opposite to a standard yoga mat. 

    Natural Yoga Mats come rolled in a nice jute backpacks with lovely printed YOGA MAT logo.


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