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Bathroom Heaven Soap Ranges

In our range of soaps we have something for everybody.

From high quality soap loaves and buns, including wild and natural hand-crafted soaps, artisan olive oil soaps, exfoliating loofah soaps,  and much, much more


  • Aromatherapy Soap Loaves

    Great value and quality Aromatherapy Soaps, big and bold, infused with pure essential oils for great aromatherapy effect and a stunning natural fragrance..

    You can buy per slice of about 150gr each, or a whole loaf of 2Kg

  • Exerscrub Soap & Scourer

    Get squeaky clean, attack cellulite and fight flab using the aromatic oils power and the eco-jute exfoliating properties

    With ExerScrub you get one Aromatherapy Soap plus an India made Jute scourer in an ecofriendly but eye catching header card.

    An intensive exfoliating soap paired with a scourer that instantly cleanses deeply and stimulates circulation and improves skin tone.

    The regular use may also reduce oxins in the skin, and the build-up of fatty deposits that create uneven skin texture.

    Four fragrances to choose from.

  • Guest Soaps

    Little heart shaped guest soaps are colourful and smell great attracting guests of any taste.

    SLS and parabens free

    Sold in a pack of 6. Each soap weighs approx. 20 grams.

  • Handcrafted Soap Loaves

    Made from the highest quality natural ingredients, you will discover here a host of evocative fragrances and tactile textures, using the melt and pour method. 

    These soaps are available either as a 1.3kg loaves or as individual 100g slices.

  • Health Spa Soap Loaves

    Recreate that Spa feeling at home with our Health Spa Soaps. They are made with the finest ingredients and are designed to make you feel clean and fresh. In addition each has its own special properties for that extra special spa feeling.

    Health Spa Soap Loaves are available either as 1kg loaves or as individual slices.

  • Loofah Soap

    We are proud to introduce this newest invention. We call it Loofah Soap.

    A hand-crafted exfoliating soap made from the highest quality aromatic soaps & natural loofah with an exfoliating loofah in the centre of each loaf. This is a soap created to stimulate all of your senses.

    These soaps can be bought as 1.5kg loaves or as individual slices. Each loaf will split down into thirteen 115g slices.

    Please note that a traditional soap cutter may not work with this soap, but a sharp (especially warm) knife will do the job.

  • Mother Earth Herbal Soaps

    SLS Free, delightfully grifty and potently aromatic Mother Earth Soaps are incredibly pure herbal soaps.

    Made with natural unrefined herbs and pure palm oil  they will get you cleaner and closer to nature.

    Approximate size of soap: 6.5 x 6 x 2.5 cm.


  • Olive Oil Artisan Soaps

    Hand-crafted Olive Oil Artisan soaps are Beautifully made from fine Spanish high quality Olive Oil using a traditional cold process. They are one of the earliest forms of vegetable made soaps and have many beneficial properties for skin too, still looking and smelling stunning as well as having the benefit of being great for the skin.

    SLS and parabens free, they contains natural fat which provides protection, improves skin tone and softness, Perhaps each soap has its own special properties relating to the essential oils and other natural ingredients they contain.

    These soaps are available either as a 1.25kg loaves or as individual slices of about 100gr

  • Paper Soaps

    Just add water to these wafer-thin soap sheets and watch them instantly transform into a sudsy lather

    Each sheet is pleasantly fragranced and also biodegrable and safe for the environment.

    They come in a compact flip-top case of 20 which is portable enough to pop in your desk, car, gym bag, pursue or pocket for handy everyday use

    Compact, convenient and easy to use! 

    Container size:76x64x10mm 

    Display Box:  160x135x62mm

  • Soap Buns

    Colourful soaps that look like buns and seem good enough to eat (please do not do that ! ).

    There are  buns for any occasion, such Halloween, Valentine’s Day, and Christmas.

    The Soap Buns are hand made with mouth watering fragrances, have several layers of colour and fragrances with an oatmeal base. They are fluffy topping and colourful fruity pieces which make a wonderfully eye display.

    Soap Buns weigh a minimum of 85g.
    Size:  H: 45 mm; D(top): 70mm; D(bottom): 55mm  

  • Solid Shampoo

    Solid Shampoo is made with top quality vegetable oils which make a naturally conditioner effect to the hair through a wonderful dense creamy lather

    Using Soli Shampoo you are not wasting bottles and packaging or paying for water to be shipped around the country.

    Solid Shampoo is available either in 1.5kg loaves or as individual slices of 115gr

  • Spaghetti Soap 100gr

    New Soap Spaghetti Loaves are named as it because they look like spaghetti in some kind of jelly form

    With a lovely colourful effect t
    hey look so funky and smell gorgeous and will attract people of any age and any taste.

  • Trendy Soap Loaves

    Trendy Soap Loaves are the brightest, wittiest, hip soap loaves on the market and they have vibrant and mouth watering fragrances

    These designer soaps are supplied either per 115gr slices or  in 1.5KG loaves

    Made by melt & pour method but with a twist.
    Each one has a special design on the inside of the soap which runs through the loaf. 


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